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We accept cash, travelers checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover card and most debit cards.

The basic rate is based on a family of four, 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 18.  Our rates are inclusive.  There are no additional fees or deposits for electricity, water, garbage, or WIFI.

       Regular Rates              30 AMP BI           50AMP BI      50 AMP PULL THRU

  • Nightly                         $28.00                   $32.00                              $35.00
  • Weekly                       $150.00                 $175.00                            $210.00       
  • Monthly                      $440.00                 $500.00                              N/A

The following discounted rates are for senior's who are 65 and over and desire 30 Amp service.

          Senior Rates                                        

  • Nightly                        $ 25.00                            
  • Weekly                       $135.00                            
  • Monthly                     $ 400.00                            

Additional guest rates:

The guest rates apply for parties larger than the base rate for 2 adults and 2 children, including children who have reached the age of 18.

            Guest Rates                                     

  • Day rate                         $5.00                               
  • Nightly                          $10.00                              
  • Weekly                         $45.00                              
  • Monthly                       $125.00                             

Please do not leave home without your current vet records. Any pet staying with us must be registered at the office and it is mandatory that we have a copy of your pet's current vaccination records. This is for the safety of all pets staying with us

While Lost Lake does love all pets, we are only able to accept small, non aggressive pets under 30 pounds.  Lost Lake loves our pets as much as we are sure that you love yours so all pets must be curbed on leash while being walked and pet waste must be cleaned up.  All pets need to have current vaccination and must be registered at the office.  Please ensure your pet has a safe stay and bring the most recent vet records showing both weight and vaccination dates.

Pet Fees

Pet fees are not charged for travelers staying less than 3 months.  Short term fees are provided for prorating for our long term guests.

                      Pet Rates                                     

  • Nightly                            $2.00                                
  • Weekly                           $8.00                                
  • Monthly                          $25.00